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Arling Shaeffer
Elite Guitar Instructor
Elite Guitar Instructor
By Arling Shaeffer
3rd Edition of 1000 Copies
Cor. Wabash Ave. and Adams
Chicago, Ill.
Copyright 1895 BY Arling Shaeffer

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Incorrect Guitar Position (photo)
Arling's Studio (photo)
Beginning Scales, Exercises and Pieces 2.6 MB 15-35
Divertisement 36
Sweet Lorine-Clipper Polka 37,38
Sentimental and Theme 39
True Loves Return 40
Regrets, Minueto 41
Sweet Lilac Mazurka, Egyptian March 42
Wondering 43
One Sweet Word Schottische 44
Take Back the Heart 45
Sonata in C By Carulli 46
Tremolo, Scales,
    Ornamentation and Arpeggios
1.8MB 47-62
Part Second
Just at Sunset March 63
Soon Forgotten 63
"Go" Galop 64
True Love Gavotte 65
On the Beach Schottische 66
Swinging Waltz (Thomas Swain) 67
Gottschalk, Cradle Bone (Berceuse) 68
Alice Where Art Thou 69
Cavalleria Rusticana and
    Theme Sentimental
(Pietro Mascagni) 70, 71
Home Sweet Home Variations 72 to 76
Lang's Flower Song (Blumenlied) 78,79
Fantaisie National Hymn of Russia P. Pettoletti Op. 15 80,81,82
Then you'll remember me (From Bohemian Girl) 77
Minuet By F. Sor 88
Andante By F. Sor 90
Le Pirate de Bellini (Variations) P. Pettoletti 84 to 89
Ernani Arr. By J. K. Mertz 91 to 97
National Air of Russia, Variations P. Pettoletti 98 to 108
Introduction Theme, Variations Luigi Legnani, Op. 224 104 to 110
The Merry Wives of Windsor,
    Arr. by Mertz
1.2 MB
Music by Othon Nicolai
111 to 120
Song, Mandolin Serenade 121to 123
"Ben Bolt", Song.
    "Oh! Don't you Remember!"
Melody by Nelson Kneass 124 to 125
My Love in the Cottage; Song 126 to 128


The Guitar Soloist

The Guitar Soloist by Walter Jacobs published 1895 contains very decent arrangements for intermediate to advanced guitarist.

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