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David Allen Coester, Guitar



Classical Guitarist for Buffalo Wedding


Free 19th Century Parlor Guitar Music Downloads

The Downloads are free. If you would like to help offset the costs of maintaining this website please donate by following the link below. If you find any of the music useful let me know. Send me an email. Comments are always appreciated. Thank you to all those folks who have sent donations. You must have the latest version of Adobe Reader to view all the files. If you can not open a file or receive an error please get the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Public Domain Music: 19th century guitar music. Gig music or wedding music. I am trying to create an easily accessible collection of public domain music that will be useful to guitarists. Pieces that maybe fun to play, useful for students or good for gigs. If you have music that you would like to add to the collection please contact me for details on how to provide a copy.

Please sign the Guestbook. Let me know what country you are from and thoughts about the music in the collection.

More great arrangements including the complete lute songs of John Dowland (in 2 volumes) for under $20.00


The Guitar Soloist

The Guitar Soloist by Walter Jacobs
published 1895 contains very decent arrangements for intermediate to advanced guitarist.



Jacob's Easy Guitar Collection of Solos and Duets Volumes 1, 2 and 11 - 15 Mostly duets from around 1900 *Volumes 1 and 2 added October 9, 2010*

  Instrumental Guitarist
Choice Collection of Melodies for Guitar by Popular Composers.
Guitar Album by C.J. Dorn

Guitar Album By C.J. Dorn
Fifty Original Compositions and Arrangements for Guitar Solo. Copyright 1897

Hayden's Star Collection


Hayden's Star Collection of Guitar Music Copyright 1872. Vocal and Instrumental Music Arranged expressly for this work

Elite Guitar Instructor
  Elite Guitar Instructor by Arling Shaeffer Copyright 1895. Beginning Instruction to Advanced Repertoire.
Winner's New American  School  for Guitar   Winner's New American School for the Guitar Copyright 1883 by White, Smith & Co.
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  Excerpts from Compositions and Arrangemets by Manual Y. Ferrer (zip file 39mb)
  Guitar Flash Cards Make your own flash cards for learning notes in first position and up the 1st String.


Thank you to all those folks who have sent donations.


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