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Instrumental Guitarist
Instrumental Guitarist
Choice Collection of Melodies for Guitar.
By Popular Composers
Published by Oliver Ditson Company
453 to 463 Washington St.
Copyright 1890 by Oliver Ditson Company. Boston

Download the Complete Instrumental Guitarist below. You may also choose to download the pieces individually.

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Instrumental Guitarist (9.11 MB)
Instrumental Guitarist Pages 1-48 (4.4 MB)
Instrumental Guitarist Pages 49-96 (4.6 MB)

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Title Page and Table of Contents  
The Old Folks at Home Arr. by W.L. Hayden op. 611 3
Kiuawiak (A Polish National Dance) Henri Wieniawki 6
A Flow'ret from the Mosel (Mazurka) Joh. Resch 8
Berkeley Hall Schottische G.H. Rowell 10
La Suplica. Danza Habanera (Arevalo) Arr. Luis T. Romero 12
Sweetheart Waltzes from "Gypsy Baron"       J. Strauss. 14
L'Ingenue Gavotte (duo) By Luigi Arditi 16
Peruvian Air Melodia Espanola Arr. Luis T. Romero 20
Un Beso Mazurka (A Kiss) Arr. Luis T. Romero 22
Santiago Valse Espagnole (A. Corbin) Arr. Luis T. Romero 24
Bella Bocca Polka (Waldteufel) Arr. Luis T. Romero 26
Fantasie Americaine Arr. Luis T. Romero 29
Souvenir D' Amerique Luis T. Romero 34
Al Fresco (duo) Arr. Edmund Foster 38
"Hot-Shot" March Arr. H.W. Harris 41
Elegy of Tears (Lob Der Thranen" F Schubert 43
Agathe "When the Swallows" F.Abt 46
The Little Flower (Das Blumlein) H. Proch 49
First Heart Throbs Rch. Eilenberg. Op. 50 55
Erminie Gems Jacobowski 58
Russian Gipsey Song (Russisches Zigeunerlied) J.K. Mertz Op. 88, No 1 61
Mazurka C. de Janon 64
Martha F. von Flotow 66
Marche De Nuit L. M. Gottschalk 72
Herminia Polka Metteo Carcassi 77
Gems of Il Trovatore Charles J. Dorn 79
Spring Song (Mendelssohn) Trans. C. de Janon 84
Souvenir D'Irelande Grand March C. C. Converse 86
Gen. Boulanger's March Arr. C. V. Hayden 88
Etta Gavotte Rudolf King 90
Charming Gavotte Le Thiere 92
Caprice Rudolf King 95