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David Allen Coester, Guitar



New American School for the Guitar
Winner's New American Guitar School
Winners's New American School for the Guitar
Copyright 1883 by White, Smith & Co.

Download the New American Guitar School below. You may also choose to download the sections individually. Some files have more then one piece. Pages 1-32 are contained in one file.

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Winner's New American School for the Guitar Download Complete (5.7 MB)


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Title Page and Table of Index
Instructional Pages 1-32 1-32
Abbreviations 12
A.B.C. with Variations 54
A Dictionary of Musical Terms 19
Amirilys 65
Andante 51
Appoggiatura or Grace notes 14
Arpeggios with three fingers 32
Arpeggios with four fingers 34
Belisario 73
Blue Danube Waltz 57
Chords 18
Chromatic Scale 18
Chords in C Major 25
Chords in G Major 25
Chords in D Major 26
Chords in A Major 27
Chords in E major 28
Chords in F major 28
Chords in A minor 29
Chords in E minor 29
Comin' Thro' the Rye 68
Compound Common Time 39
Conspirator Chorus 70
Chords for the Guitar in the Keys most used 47
Cotillion 44
Die Wacht on Rhein 74
Dolce Concento 78
Dreams of the Past 86
Diagram showing the Frets at which the Strings are stopped to give the different chromatic tones 24
Ellen Waltz 51
Exercise 21
Exercise 25
Exercise 26
Exercise 26
Exercise 27
Exercise 28
Exercise 29
Exercise 30
Exercise 41
Exercise 42
Exercise 43
Exercise on the Open Strings after Tuning 21
Example 22
Fannie's Polka 45
Flower Waltz 54
From the Opera of Genevieve 59
From Lucia di Lammermoor 74
From the Opera of Norma 77
Friendless and Sad 84
Grand March 46
Hattie Wilson Waltz 55
Happy Youth Schottische 72
Harmonic Sounds 32
Holding the Guitar and the Position of the Hands 20
Home, Sweet Home, with Variations No 1 56
Home, Sweet Home. No 2 81
Hunter's Rondo 53
I Dreamt that I Dwelt. (from Bohemian Girl.) 69
I Lombardi 75
Intervals 15
Irish Melody 78
La Fille de Madame Angot 66
La Corbeille de Roses Redowa 72
Le Petit Carnival Polka 76
Meet me at Twilight, Sweet Bessie 83
Milanolo March 59
Modulation of E Major 55
Notes on the Staff sShowing the extent of the First Position 22
Of Chords 22
Pink Waltz 52
Pleasant Waltz 63
Polka Mazurka 76
Positions 31
Prelude 41
Relative Value of Notes 3
Robin Adair. No. 1 70
Robin Adair. No. 2 71
Sadie Ray 80
Sharps and Flats 8
Spring, Gentle Spring Waltz 50
Stringing and Tuning the Guitar 20
Table of Notes and their Proportions 4
Table of all the Keys with their Signatures 30
Testimonials 1
The Staff 4
The Rests 6
The Scale 7
The Positions 21
The Barres 23
The Large Barres 23
The Small Barres 23
The Small Barres. (Example with Sharps ascending.) 23
The Small Barres (Example with Flats Descending.) 24
The Major Scale in C 25
The Major Scale in G 25
The Major Scale in D 26
The Major Scale in A 27
The Major Scale in E 27
The Major Scale in F 28
The Minor Scale in A 29
The Minor Scale in E 29
The Spanish Retreat. (or Fandango) 62
Time. 10
Touching the Strings 20
Transposition of Keys or Scales 16
Tuning the Guitar 21
Viola Waltz 64
Waltz 38
Waltz 40
Waltz 45
You'll Never Miss the Water 88